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13. Building a product for yourself with Sarah Sklash of The June Motel


For the first episode of 2020, Eric Janssen speaks to Sarah Sklash, HBA ’07, co-owner of The June Motel, a 16-room boutique motel in Prince Edward County.

Find out how a New Years Resolution helped Sarah take the leap from side hustle, to full-time entrepreneur, who together with her business partner, chose to transform the ‘diviest motel you’ve ever seen,’ into one of Ontario's most Instagrammable experiences.

You're listening to the IVY entrenorpodcast from the Pierre L, Moriset Institute, Forente Preneurship at theIvy Business School. In this series I ventrepreneur an Ivy Faculty member.Eric Janson will anchor the session Sara Welcome to the IVYNMENERPAGAST.Thank you happy to be here, yeah good. To have you in so firsoally. I had topoint out. I couldn't let it slip by that you were originally a windsorresident. Is that right, you grew up in winderer was yeah crew up and winds?Are we have to call that out whenever we get a chance raising upentrepreneurs from Winreah? Are you from Winteri? Am Oh, no Ay, oh coolyeah born and isn yeah, so Sarah, I want to start with the question: Whatis the June or what is the June motel? The gine motel is a retro but fresh bootiqk Motel brand. Westarted off in Prince Edward County with a sixteen remotel, and we'verecently purchased our second property in Salpo Beach, and where can peoplefind these properties? So our website is the Genmohel com or you can find uson instegram at the June motel or follow kin of our behind the scenesjourney on at motelie life that Motallier, like hotelier, but with an M,take me if you would back to where these entrepreneurial inklingsstarted. So I know earlier on you had mentionedwhen we were talking ahead of time, no interest in being an enprenrreout ofschool, but now you are full bore into it so like. Where did the inklings evenstart for you, the inkling started when I started bengwatching, dragons Dan, sowork for the government, I'm Sul chbthat a bit but just started. Seeingthis other kind of path did a Fu, very unsuccessful side, Hussles andeventually just wanted this opportunity to be creative, to really set my ownpath and that's IAS like okay. I need to take believe to do something new andbecome an entrepreneur. Okay, so you took some swings. What were the sidehustles and wanted to do those so, as I said, really unsuccessful, Ibought about a thousand dollars worth of Turkish towels. I think I still havelike nine hundred and fifty dollars worth of Turkish towese like lifetimesupply, a towels still and then the other one was. It was called ensilkgram. So it was you coal make a silk scarf with your own instram photows,also not very successful. So when did you, when did you come up with theseideas like? When? Did you start trying things ov like this? Really it was trying to think whenever dragons thencame on Netflix. It was shortly after that, but Um just started getting thisidea to do something creative on the side, so you graduated in Osix of Seven,oh seven and these side Hussles were post graduation. While you were working,fulltime, yeah I'd say it was probably five years after graduation, okay andwhat was the maybe dig back, then you had mentioned before no inklings when you were a student orbefor that what changed from Heck Kno I'm not going to do when I'Ma a studenttoo interesting, I'm going to start tryingsome things and takingand swings. I think M soin government. There is alimited opportunity to be really creative. You are often getting thingsapproved by twenty people above you and I think so it was kind of in contrastto what I was doing. There was partly giving me that inkling to say: Okay,let me let me try something just create it all myself, God, so that was youroutlet for some sort of creativity.

Anything when that you can think ofmaybe reflecting back when you were young that led to this need to creatively express yourself oreventually go it on your own. The way you were raised was there anything thatyowee going? U Even to this Tay, like I, I remember, being a Ivy, never thinkingI was going to be an entrepreneur. I I'm a doer. I really like I like to getthings done, which I think is a great quality and an entreprener, but I wasalso happy to just follow someone else's vision for quite a while so yeahI I I can't really kindof dig down into where that came from other than justmaybe like being a creative person. ANYTHINK entreprenership really lindsitself well to create Havay cool okay, so you are trying some things. Takingsome swings on these side, Hussles your words not phenomenally successful. Where did the idea come from for theJune sure? So I have a business partner WHO's. One of my best friends and theJune came from really just like. I, both of us being in this place werelike okay, we're ready for real life change. Let's get together. Let'sbrainstorm a whole bunch of ideas. We both really like wine, so that is kindo where we started the brainstorm was whatever we did was going. Ta Be kindof surrounding wine, and I know kind of motel seems like a stretch now, but thetwo of US had gone and done a race in print idor county, an two thousand andtwelve back. Then it wasn't quite as well known as it is now, but spentthree years hunting to buy a cottage out there and kind of that time. Bothof US experienced there was no place to stay. Ite was a lot of old fashioned BN,BS divy motels, so we knew that there was a need for something in the area. II've always loved travel, followed kind of travel trends and had seen you knowother people doing cool things with motels, but anyway we we weren't didn'tstart off with going right into the buying the motel it was. We were goingto do just like one weekend run a wine camp. It was going to be, you know, lowrisk, but I was closely following the real estate market ut there and knewthat there was this motel for sale and so we're like. Okay, we're going totake over this motel bring in a bunch of people to do this like weekend. Winecamp, we're like, but the Motelis kind of gressed. So we're going to have toyou know, bring a new betding bring in some plants, bring them lots of wineand then we're like, or you know at that point, why don't we just buy it sowe by like the Divia, Mohall, you've ever seen, wow. So there's a lotthere's a lot here live ipack a little bit, so the Wawas sounds like youwanted to run just a weakend little wine event and this quickly acceleratedinto we're. GOINGTA buy a motel, so what was the timeline like from we'regoing to do this weekend to let's just buy the of the motel, so it was January.Second, this was neaaras resolutions that we started the brandstorm. It waswithin a week that I had called up my old, real estate, age and and said: Canwe go look at this motel, so middle of the winter we drove out there and so afew. You know a few weeks later we were putting in offers it's to my commercialproperty. I mean it takes maybe a month or two to really wrap up the wholeprocess, but we moved in beginning of June wow yeahwow ye. Youmoved in the beginning of Junor that I have anything to do with the name orthe name of Sepper from when you moved in Vars Tiraka Yak. That is that's anintense timeline, so I want to dig into...

...the detail on the brain stormingprocess. So sometimes people gets hung up on the ideation process. My I don'thave the right idea. I don't know how to come up with Thiss, not big enough.So New Year's resolution came up to continue on the sidehussle thing andyou just committed doing brainstorms. How did that work like where, when withwho yeah so again with my best friend April, I think it started ou over kindof juice in the morning, but as I mentioned, we really like wine, so thebrainstorm just kept flowing over some wine threw out hundreds of ideas fromyou know kind of a shipping wine out to people at all. We knew what one of thepillars was, and I think that really helped. It was the thing that we werereally passionate about and then just yeah. It was just kind of forcingourselves to brandstorm and throw lots of ideas, and how did you capture them?L or like? Was it a your apartment? Where did you do the brainstorming, herapartment and then ad a juice fir over the morning? Okay, this was all in onesession like one massive brainstorm. It might have been over two days but yeahit was. It was intense. It was lots of ideas. It was lots of Kanno spin off ideas that kind of builds onone another cool so couple of days, hundreds of ideas. How did you start tonarrow down the ones that you thought would be most interesting to work on? So I think Tho weekend kind of theweekend, wine camp was the one that we really was, the one O, the initialbrainstorm that we kind of started off with and then, as we flushed. That ideaout and kind of you know thinking at all the costs, thinking out all thework that was when it was a light bulb moment to say we should just buy it wow, so you jumped from running aweekend, Booo camp to buying the motel, and clearly you had a long andexperienced track record in commercial real estate to Bulvram, not at all. Thankfully, we found a really goodlawyer who we still work with, who had a lot of corporate real estateexperience and he's the one that really Hepe to guide us through that firstexperience. Okay, so you at this time still have a full time.Job still have a full time. Job decided to buy, took a trip down to buy themotel put together. Did you get investors or no so borrowed some moneyfor a down payment and then one of the interesting things about corporaterealestat and commercial real estate they didn't know- is vendor takebackmortgages so where a bank probably wouldn't have lent us the money, it wasactually the sellers of the motel who were looking to retire. That held themortgage on the properdy, got it and did you buy it as a business or as areal estate property like where they saying it puts off X and cash flow orincome, and you bought it as a business or h. We we can get into that. It wascalled the sportsman motel. They were not doing a great business at all, sowe didn't buy a base on the business that they were running but based on thepotential that we saw there got it and then you said getting creative with thefinancing. We'll pay you back over time as we build a business and make it successfulyeah. So really it's like a standard mortgage that you'd have on anyproperty, but it's with the vendors of the property and really ended up withfabulous terms that probably no bank would have ever given US awesome. Okay,so you still have a job. You find yourself being an owner of acommercial property, a motel you took possession. So all of this six monthsfrom I think we're GOINTO. We may end up running this weekend. Wine Fest many festival, events to ion amotel in June. At what point did you...

...leave your fulltime job EA? So I, to this day my business partner won'treally let me live this one down. I I did both for a while. She moved inSolo, and I would come out every weekend to work the motel I just Iwasn'n in kind of a financial place, to be able to quit my job right away andneeded that kind of ease into it, but that was it was. It was a really toughyear. It was I'd work all day in my government job and then I come home andhave to do all sorts of work for the motel and then every weekend I would be living in the motel. Okay. How did you even start to prioritize? What to do? Imean my mind is racing with: Do you work on the physical look and field youjump to the marketing? Do you like? Where did you even start with now weown this thing yeah? What do we do so? The Sportsman Motel was a veryinteresting place, catered specifically to fishermen and hunters, and we had nomotel experience whatsoever and because we took a possession in June and theseason is pretty short in Prince Iber County. So you really you make yourmoney June through September and then it KINDOF quiets down. So we got aneducation in running a motel and just ran the sportsman motel we would checkguests in. They would ask us where to go. Fishing couldn't really help themwith that all that. Well, so we think that was important. We made a lot ofmistakes in running the motel that first year didn't really know what wewere doing, but we learned how and what was great was we also learne how underthe sportsman, which wasn't going to be the brand that we carried on afterwards?God It? So you literally just bought the property. Did you change anythingout of the gate or just ran it exactly as it is? We ran it exactly, as is so.We took possession a June first and we had a full House on June. Third Wow sodidn't even take your was it Tal Turkish towels didn't even mo changethe towels or the anything with a frond desk or anything.You just took it over Andran yeah. We took it over and ran it. We did hiresome staff and thankfully we hired a woman who had a bit more experiencethan we did so towels we kept doing ourselves. There were a few littlehotel, motel tricks that she taught us so definitely made some small processimprovement and we put booking online and listen ourselves on expedia. So wedefinitely and even that first year, modernized the operations quitesignificantly got it. What else did you do to learn? I mean at this pointthere's a huge bet: you've dristd a little bit because you're working witha friend that you know and trust yused to lat a full time job, but still ahuge amount of risk so like in addition to running the hotel and just learning on your own.What else did you do to try to get up to speed yeah? So there was a TV showcalled hotel impossible. That was where we learned aout fifty percent of whatwe know about running a motel, and then I bought a m like B and bes for dummies, and s whereI learned the other. Fifty percentothat is amazing, superscientific yeah forsure that is awesome. Did you? Did you like formalize it at all? Or did youhave like a guide, a Bible of all your learnings or just between you and yourpartner, Stalon, your Headyeah Al, on Er head at the time we are kind offormalizing at now for sure got it so getting it out of your head and gettingit ow to yetpaper. How did you know that this was going to work so really from personal experience knew that thiswas what was missing in the regrion new.

More and more people were learningabout Prince Edward County iamsonew that there was demand and fullydesigned the experience to cater to ourselvs, so that we knew it would be aplace that we would like to stay. So you know there was at least an audienceof two that this is going to be perfect for. Well, that's I see many people, who've done that, andthings have worked out. Well, there are some people who do something similarand don't right so y. You build a product that you like, but then andthen releass to the world and turns out that just you liked it. So what whatmade you believe that you were representative of like the rest of thepeople out there or just I don't know age characteristics like you built it for you, but what you werethe only two that hug out there and and we knew even as the sportsman motel,but they were doing a good business and it was filling up. One of the otherthings that we kind of built our business model around was there was oneother cool place that had just opened was always a hundred percent full andwas going for twelve hundred dollars a night. So he said: Okay, you know we'llbe the second best place to stay, knowing that they were doing. Well, Godit. So there was another, was the other one located in the area got it got itso existing business that was doing okay, the sportsman other business in hwas was another motel. Another htae hotel, independent was doing pretty well, soyou thought worse, Casscenario, even if we just make some minor improvements inthe sportsman motel. This is gonnto still be a good thing, so you were OKwith the call it the worstcay scenario. Ohwe were yeah. Okay, where else so you started to build hatyou wanted. How did you get inspiration for that? Like? Was it all on your headlike? Where did you go to figure that out so over the course of that firstsummer we startad a predatype rim. It might have not been the best decision.You know in the peak season to take one of our rooms out of service and a whole.Other thing is we did all the renovation work ourselves, which wealso were. You know, had limited skills in, but we started. We found this onewallpaper were not interior designers, but we really like interrio design, andwe found this one wallpaper that kindof captured the essence of what we wantedto create. So we got that on the walls we've listed that prototype room onArbean B just for that summer. So you have this divy motel and then you haveone really beautiful room, but that gave us an opportunity to kind of test.It. Oh get some real people in there get some feedback and that kindof gaveus a sense of where we wanted to go. That's interesting interesting, so youran most of it as the sportsmen, but then put some effort into making oneroom the way that you could potentially make the rest of the room, and did youactually so you listed it, but did you actually rent it out like to be Danstayt? The very first time we put sportsmen motel guests in there they feedback that we got was awful. Theyabsolutely hated it. They missed all the old furniture- and we had this. Youknow panicky moment of you know. Did we did we get this all wrong, but once wegot ourselves on Arb and B and we were getting kind of the target market thatwe were going after, they absolutely loved it. That is interesting. I wasn'tthinking that, but yeah you, the sportsman, is attracting a certain typeof person, but where you wanted to go was a totally different type of persony. So how did that transition go? was there? Was it one season to the next oryeah? So really the Sportsman Motel, we closed down that fall, and then it wascompletely rebranded for the next...

...season. We had a very few of thesportsman guests ended up returning, partly because we were sold ou and hadtripled the price that we were charging as the sportsman, so it was partlyprice point andpertly. Just we are so in demand that they couldn't get in ifthey wanted to w. How did you decide that? That's another bold move, how Yodecide to trouble the price again. Just I mean usual kind of pricing exercisesof looking to see what comparable places in the county we're going foragain, you know pricing it to be. I you're the second best place in thecounty. What would be affordable? Well M? These are all like simple, you saythem simply, but they're hard right. These are actually all independentlyvery hard decisions to make for sure, and some of the decisions were ones.You know Weh'd aske other people what they thought about some of the thingswhere were doing one of the boldest things that we did now. It's part youknow it's ICONEC of the June, but we painted the doors pink on the Moshal,and I remember my mum just repeatedly telling me that that wasn't a good ideaand that we are going to alienate you know potential customers, and so reallyit was this vision that we had and kind of sticking true to what we felt wasthis brand that we were creating, and now you know you haven't stayed at theJune. If you haven't taken your photo in front of one of our pinkdoors right,how did you so youere making that transition from who the sportsman wasfor to who the June was going to be? For? Did you ever document like this?Is? Who Our ideal customer is? This is where they read and vacation and play like. Didyou document and me? Actually, I feel like that's one of the processes thatwe went through and fairly in a fairly formal way. But again I would say we wejust. We were, we were the target market, but yeah definitely kind ofgave a lot of thought to who the clientele would be. So then you youtook it over in June, ran it as the sportsman, you close it down for thefall. How did you then prioritize? Well,firstlly, it's going TA CA t seem me expensive to renovate. I would think, and then there's just somuch to do in feet of snow. So how did you prioritize when to do what to do? How to financethere's just there's a lot yeah sure and whether or not we did things theright way hard to say it was definitely a scramble to the very end againeverything we did. We did on a very tight budget. We borrowed themoney to do the renovations. We borrowed it through kind of a communityfuture. That's very entrepreneurial focused, and so our renovation budgetwas what they were willing to lend us which meant Um. So that was on a twohundred and fifty thousand dollar budget for the renovations and everyinch of this place needed updating. So that meant we were going to do a wholelot of the work ourselves. So if you stay at the June admire the flooring'cause, we did all of the flooring ourselves. We painted we wall papered.We would have these weekends, where we'd tell heur friends to come visit usin wine country and then with assemble furniture together d. So really it wasgetting those renovations done. So we weld lay floors during the day and thenonce we couldn't way, floring anymore we'd kind of go into the evening andwork on our systems and or murketing, and all of that, so we were renovatingup until the very moment the guest checked in so but fast forward. We havemuch better project management now, but the first time you do something youknow you do it as best as you can and you learn things by getting kind ofreally good systems and processes in place was important to us and kind ofspent a lot of our time there as well.

And what did you do so um? You got some inspiration, design thingsfor yourself used the budget. The budget was what you got from the thegrantser sponsor to their loans, quarter million or so then you had tostart to tri demand. So, like Oh, my Gosh, we bought this thing. We'retotally changing the clientele so that all the people who sa here before areGong to probably not like US anymore. Like I'm over to Overtsin O, we need toattract a whole new clientele everything's on the line. What did youdo to think about how to drive demand? So Luckily, my business partner is kindof a marketing and public relations GRO o. That was really a good find in abusiness partner. Things got off to maybe a slower start, but we had a verystrong kind of marketing and public relations plan. So we you know first ofall, just listed ourselves. onthings, like you, could find us on expedia backthen that got some of our rooms fall if you are searching for a moteller hotel,but right from the very beginning, even when budget was incredibly tig, wehired a professional photographer who gave us grate kind of assets to workwith, and we had a really strong instagram game rigt from the verybeginning that was really our main marketing tool was expedia. Then I'mtrying to think, but we definitely caught the eye of a lot of media in ourfirst year, actually yeah. We again she had a lot of great experience there. Sowe did we invited media out as well as a bunch of influencers which definitelyhelped get the word out about the motel, and then I don't know it was all awhirlwind. But within a few weeks and months we had been in Torannolife, we had vogue out weere, just it exploded, it was crazy and that was allthrough. Did you hire a firm to do that or that was all through? That was as wh. So how did? How did you know to do that? Or what to do or how to contactthese people? So my business partneros background was in public relations, soshe had some good contacts that definitely helped us get our foot andthe door. But a lot of the influencers that we'd invite out would be peoplethat we followed personally and we'd reach out. People were pretty happy tobe invited for a weekend and wine country, and we really meant it whenwe'd invite them out and would show them a really good time. They wouldpost all about it on their own accounts and that definitely helped get the wordout and helped us. We are so thog probably had kind of a slower firstmonth which we needed, but one summer h we wer a hundred percent sold out well.So this sounds like this perfect story of stumbling on. You committed this NewYear's resolution. You Call P thit some ID as you narrow them down you buy it.You run it turn it over a hundred percent occupantcy. So everything wentperfectly yeah, not definitely not perfectly. We I mean we worked so so hard thatfirst year it was April. I and a few staff who I I don't know how many hoursI'd be at the bar checking guests in pouring them wine and so physically. Itwas a grueling first season not to mention that we're also running like amotel, which is a big building with a lot of people in it, twenty four, sevenand so learn like I know more about plumbing than I ever thought. I ' knowand there's a lot of processes now that we have in place that come from all themistakes that we made. So things have gotten a lot easier. We say you cantell your after year the way that we handle our garbage is the thing thatjust gets easier and easier 'cause our..., just we get smarter as we goalong W. Who Does that like? How do you? Where do they live? Or is there a Junepan book like? Where do you put them all? We do actually yeawe now have aplaybuck that kind o details. This is how we do things got it and what whatsorts of things are in your playbook everything from some of the things youshould do when you check a guest in what are your tasks at the end of thenight, if you're working the front desk that you should do what playlist shouldyou put on in the morning and the evening it's an evolving document.We've stopped printing it out because we keep kind of improving it andrealizing there's things that we can use some more processes for, but yeahthere's a lot of, especially now with the second property. You know a littlemore standardization to the way that we're doing things since I'm not alwaysthere in person ois, so is it Google dog? Is it a powerpoint e yeah? It's agoogle dock, yeah interesting, it's every new employee or current employeegets access to t ye. So this is part of the training for anyone working in thefront of friend of House. Mostly, we need a back of Hoz playbook on the todo. List is really going through all of thoe sections in the play, Bok cool. Soyou sent in advance some lessons that you learned Ecaeis a handful ofinteresting ones here, but maybe I'll, let you s there, one or a few that youwant to point out, like the biggest lessons that you learned along the waysure good question, I think one of the oneswe really believe in is do lessen. Do It really well, we'vebecome masters of running a motel. We know we understand rooms, we understandour guests and checking them in, but there are times when we want to reallygo beyond kiof the core of our business. I remember you know in the very earlydays, I think we thought we were going to make our own champaug and Evr. Youknow we were just going to do it all. So we've moved Yeu. We know the partthat we are really really good at and now we focus on building partnershipswith other businesses who really you know, they know how to make reallygreat Champag, for example. So how do you decide what's core and knockorour?Our core is the motel experience and beyond that is kind of outside of ourcore got it so update us, then you're, threeys, Yearsin, Sothis one year is asportsman. We're wrapping up our third season as the June motal great, sobring me up to speed. Where are things out today, yeah, so the biggest newswas earlier thes spring, we purchased our second motel one of the things wejust kind of recently realized was it most. We did it before. We were fullyready to have a second property, so there's been some growing pans, but thebeauty of doing it before we were fully ready meant that we also realized howwe had to kind of things we had to put in place to really be capable ofsuccessfully running two June motels, just like the first one around as well.We didn't ren under the June motel brand, so we had a kind of a season toease ourselves in. How do you end? U, how do you splittime between the two? So we work on kind of what that planlooks like Prince Ewerd county now is really homefor me. So it's where I'll hope to spend more of my time set up salblbeach so that it runs really smoothly and can be there kind of every twoweeks. Perhaps we're still kind o working that out right now, we're inproject mode to get it renovated and...

...turn it into the June, so spending alot of time in soplbeach right now. Would you have done it any differently?So you, when you were in school, had no desire to be an entreprenor, then gotthe edge. If you could go back, do you wish you would have just discoveredthis sooner or you or there's something that you learnthat you think made this more successful than it would have beenwitholl those experience th. ' That's a tough question. I probably could havestarted on this venture, maybe two or three years earlier, but I don't regretthe years at all that I spent working for the government and doing otherthings. I think working in a really large organization helps you kind ofunderstand how to build a well functioning company, even if it's on amuch smaller scale. I also say it kind of jokingly, but I do find, as kind ofthe role that I play in the business, I'm still working with the governmentat various levels on a daily basis, yeah something that stood out to me when you,you were talking about some of the lessons that you had learned it's aboutthis mix of your business and your lifestyle. So how did you did you intentionally getinto this space or create this business so that your business and your lifestyle would m comingle? or I mean- were youintentional about that f? So how yeah and I think that part still stillevolving, but we make decisions based on not just what's best for thebusiness, but also what's best for our lifes as well as I've mentioned, we rena business, that's literally twenty four seven. I currently live at themotel a'm, so one of the decisions that we've made as we close over the winter.It's we leave some money on the table, but for me that was finding somebalance in the business that we have so that it can be all in when we're open.The other thing was building a business in a space that I really really love,and I truly you know I as an entrepreneur I find life and business are so intermingledand am so passionate about it that I I work all the time really, but that whenit's in a space that I love and working with my best friend on it, it reallymakes I just a great experience. So what do your? Your ear looks roughlylike going like crazy from window in and then when you're off? What do youdo yeah? So things are changing again with the second motel. This eare isgoing to be a little bit different. The Prince Adre canny properties open fromApril through November this year, we're really focusing on the Sabo beachproject over the winter. So it's nice winter kind of two purposes. One isreally pushing that kind of work, life balance to the lifeside, and then we also it's a good opportunity to kindof be reinspired. So every year we try and do an inspiration trip. Where we'llgo we'll travel, I mean it's really the best part of being in the travelbusiness is. I can go stay at great places and it's you know it's business.Are you? Do you find yourself able to turn offor like? Are you able to just sort of sit there and don't know, read and shutdown, or are you looking at everything thinking? Oh idea, I need to write itdown or I need to Sev my parter, an email or yeah. While staying at a hotel was Ilike very analytical Bot every single detail. That's there now I still enjoyit but yeah. I can't can't turn off...

...yeah, but you don't mind because you love to do it. It's fun yeah. So, where what do you focused on mainlynow it sounds like getting the new property up and running. That's thefocus for the fall winter yeah. So it's going to be a really big project werecurrently in Kindof the design phase of what it's all going to look like orreally excited this time, because we've kind of plan so that we can have somecontractors. So I won't be Lang floring over the winter. I'm excited Boyeah, soreally the focusis on that property right now. Is there anything that soits going to go out to a group of ivl, I'm O in beyond other entrepeneurs? Isthere anything that we can help you? U With sure yeah, always happy to kind ofgrow our community one of the ways that we're doing t at we're very, veryactive on instegram there's at the June motel, but another fun one is atMotallie Life, solike hotelier, but with an m and just kind of beinginvolved in that community were polling people asking for their thoughts onwhat we need to incorporate coffee, inroom or coffee, and the lobby.Questions like that, so happy to have more people involved in that grat andthen, if they still happened to be in and around Prince eward county nextseason, maybe swing by Orasabl, beach or sowill be swing by an chance it itthe motels Buk early, though this has been great t e. Last thing I want toask you before we wrap up any advice to your call it twenty twenty year.Oldself think you're back, maybe third or fourth through university. Probably I don't know- maybe happy withher you're at but also may be nervous about. What's to come, or what you'regoing to do advice to your col twenty two year, oldself sure I was thinkingyou ow as an Entreprenu, every class that youtook an ivy would come in handy, and I do find myself on occasion being like Iremember hearing about this wish I had paid evenmore attention wish you know, accounting very important scill to haveas as an entrepreneur, so everything thatyou're learning and everything whether you're ready to kind of jump right inas an entrepreneur now or if it's kind of five ten years down the road you'regoing to be learning skills that will prove useful in the future for surecool. Well, I think I got a lot out of the conversation. It's really neat tohear your story retold in a different way and to get to dig into some of thedeaals of how this actually got started so appreciate you sitting down to spendsome time. Yeah. Think so much you've been listening to the IBIONGMINor potcast to ensure that you never miss an episode subscribe to the showin your favorite podcast player, or visit ivy dot ca forward, slashentrcrenership! Thank you so much for listening until next time.

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