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Episode 2 · 6 months ago

Summer 2022 with The Entrepreneur Podcast


This Summer, the Entrepreneur Podcast is back! Featuring the likes of Jake Karl of Mid-Day Squares, the Montreal-based chocolate company that’s taking the world by storm, Patrick Spence from the innovative audio giant Sonos, and Rick Cytrynbaum, a true trailblazer in the direct-to-consumer fashion industry.

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This summer join us for a new season, or the entrepreneur podcast, featuring entrepreneurs like Jake Carl at midday squares, the Montreal based chocolate company that's taking the world by storm. We're gonna make this industry fun. We are going to show the good, the bad, the ugly of entrepreneurship. We're gonna share everything, and I mean therapy sessions, breakdowns, moments. Of Success is getting into a retail delivering product things that people don't see on a typical business. Patrick Spence from audio giants sons. It's been the same at Sonos, which was like you can't possibly be successful because of bows and Panasonic and Samsung and some of these players. And I always joke with the team that the reward for becoming the biggest in the home audio space was then we get to play against Amazon, Google and apple, right and Rick Senttrombaum, innovator in the direct to consumer fashion industry. I mean failures. Um, you know, really frame the person if everything is success and everything success. You don't really understand how to like balance Yoursel also, or at least understand abounts,...

...and it also doesn't make you think that you know what you're doing. Could be right, could be wrong. Think of it different ways.

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