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What You Can Expect From the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast w/ Eric Janssen


Have you ever learned something new, only to think, “Why didn’t someone teach me this sooner?” 

Have you ever thought, “I’d love to start a business, I’m just not sure how.” 

If so, then the Ivey Entrepreneur Podcast is just the thing for you.

You're listening to the IVIONTRERNORpodcast from the Pierre L, Morriset Institute, forrent Prenership at theabvy business school. In this series I beentrepreneur an IV faculty memberEric Janson will anchor the session welcome to the very first episode ofthe Ivy Entrepreneur, podcast we're here today with Eric chance in the hostof the show how's it going to Dey Oric Logan and never been happier Hurryo. Iam fantastic man. Thank you so much for joining us. As Eric mentioned, my nameis Logan Lyles, I'm actually one of the producers of this fodcast and todayI'll be talking to eric about what you the listener can expect from thes show.But before we jump straight into that Eric, I would love for you to telllisteners a little bit about yourself. Give us some background sure so gowtiesI spend most of my time teaching at the Aviisa School in the Chpersha onstitutegroup. I've spent most of my career as... entreprenour and have been reallyblessed to have been part of similarly high growth companies and when I'vedone throughout my journeyis document. All of my lessons learned own, but Ifound myself asking time and time again was when I learned one of those things.Why didn't somebody teach me that earlier and so really I'm back at theAbvy Business School in the enertial faculty to take all those lessons learnto try to share them with Ye lispurters? I love that Eric. I think there are alot of entrepreneurship lessons out there these days that are not beingdocumented and are not being shared S. I love that you're doing that with thenext generation of students. You mentioned the EntrepreneurshipInstitute there at the Ivy Business School and they're also responsible forproducing this bodcast. So can you tell us a little bit more about what you'reup to there and what the institute does sure. So the Idin Business School isWorld Renou pisess program. That consistently ranks is one of the topbusiness schools in the world, undernead the Avey business schoolbrand or a bunch of different institutes and the entrepreneurshipgroup or the Osopeer Shoup Institute as... of those. So we cater specificallyto students who are either interested now in starting their own business orat some point starting their own business or contributing meaningfullyto high growth, ontebrerio ver, so that content in that curriculum is focusedon all of the skills tools, tricks mindset, sort of things that are goingto help students dhriving those rules. I love it definitely needed these days,so it tells a little bit Eric Abelt. Why you wanted to start this bodcast. Ifeel like I've gotten a sneakbeak into that as you and I chatted early alongin the process, but I would love for you to share with listeners a littlebit more about the journey, the path into this bodcast. If you will yeah noproblem, so there's really three reasons why we started the first one.Is We strongly believe that there are two principal ways of learning and thefirst one is really first principales, that's doing things on your ownfiguring, it out nd rolling up your sleeves and no doubt that's a huge partof everybody's leorning experience. But an equally important part is what wewould call learning by analogue and...

...that is to say, there's a lot of peoplewho h've been down this path before or a similar bath, and so why not pair upthe Analogu type learning with the first principals type learding? Sothat's our approach to it. The second reason is that this business school hasso many great alone and really popular well known, Great EntrepreneurialOlumni who come through the building every single year, and so what wewanted to do was try to just open up the learnings to the rest of the world,they're coming and typically sharing their lessons, lory ith groupsofanywhere between fifty and five hundred students, but a lot of those learningsare relevant for people outside the building. So we wanted to start toshare some of hose lessons. then. Finally, a simple one is that studentsare asking for it. So in a lot of my courses, I started to add in audiocontent and when I can give an audio note or a oncast as preework orhomework, there's really no excuse to not be prepared for the lesson. So youcan listen to it for half an hour. Forty five minutes on your way to class,then you're you're well prepared for the day yeah. Absolutely. I bet yourstudents like the the digestability of...

...a podcast over. You know a fifty pagesyllabus or something like that when you handed to them right, it makes itmuch much easier to prepare. So the student feedback has been that if thereis ever an opportunity to do something audio where they can listen to it ontheir own time, whether they're on ther Rod, class or at the gym than we shouldtry to give that ve to them, whenthey go yeah. I I love that you guys areserving students in that way. We see in a lot of different areas where peopleare leaning into audiocontent because we can consume it in a variety ofdifferent aspects and busy college life is is one of those as well. So let'stalk a little bit about what listeners can expect from future episodes thatyou'll be hosting. You mentioned a lot of entrepreneurs with a lot ofexperience coming in and out of the classroom. Sels a little bit about someof the folks that you have lined up for future episodes and what people canexpect when they tune in to future conversations here on the podcast sure,so the guests range from...

...students, literally in the process ofstarting their own businesses right now, all the way through entrepreineurs whohave had massively successful businesses truly at global scale. Sowhat we want to do is reveal how these entrepreneurs are learning from theirsetbacks. What they've discovered, how they're figuring out to how to breakthrough the next level of growth and really all the keylessons learnthroughout their journey, so we'll try to cater to could be students that arestruggling to just get things going all the way through high growteh companytrying to Bork through the next plotta and really whether you're looking foryou know, expertise like specific, donate, domy knowledge or some broadideas to bring that new new idea to reality. I think his borcastes for youMHM. Absolutely. I think there are lessons learned and needed at variousstages of the entrepreneurial journey, so I'm ecited to tune in, and I thinklisteners are going to get a ton of value from that. On that note EREC, iflisteners want to connect with you,...

...maybe they have ideas for people thatthey think would be great guests for the show or topic ideas that they wouldlove for you to cover here on the pod guest. What's the best way for them toreach out to you right now, it's directly to me through my I v email, sothat would be e Janson at Ivydotca Jancing, with two SS EJ and ssen atIvidazia Alsowwat. Your email address right in the shownotes, make it niceand easy for folks to be able to reach out. So I appreciate you shareing thatEric and really appreciate you making some time to kick things off today.Well again, folse we've been talking to Eric Janson, the new host of the IVentrepreneuer pod cast and that actually wraps it up for this introepisode, Eric's going to be taking over the rains for episode, one and beyond,as I'v Said before. I think this is going to be an incredibly valuablepodcast for folks looking for real life, lessons in their entpreneurial journeyEric. Thank you so much for kicking things off with me. Today, no PROLEM,tinks Amulo you've been listening to...

...the Iviontmin or potcast to ensure thatyou never miss an episode subscribe to the show in your favorite podcastplayer, or visit Ivy dotca forward, slash entrcrenership. Thank you so muchfor listening until next time.

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